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Thursday, May 24, 2012

I know... I know.. why the heck haven't i been updating this blog?! My bad you guys. I've just been so crazy busy ever since school let out. I'll tell you aaallll about it!! 
It all started with my honey's graduation on May 6th 2012! (sooo proud of him). The graduation was help at the Georgia Dome (Home of the Atlanta Falcons).

Congrats Ga State University Class of 2012!!

His name up on the big screen!

The key speaker was the CEO of Feeding America which I expected to be super interesting, but she practically put everyone to sleep. 

Me, my honey, and his mommy. My hair was a mess and my face was so shiny from sweating outside. it was ridiculously hot!
 We went to his mother's house right after and she prepared a big yummy feast! 

He and his sister and mom
 The Graduate!
 This picture would be so nice if it wasn't so blurry...
 Clearly he was in the middle of blink lol. In case you are wondering; my dress is from F21 about a year ago and so is the belt. 

I had to fly out for Houston the next afternoon, so we ended the night by going see the Avengers and relaxing.
Thanks for stopping by and reading about this very special day!
Congratulations to any graduates out there and good luck in this crazy world!!

Spring Accessory Haul ft.

So recently I was contacted by to do a review of some of their products. The website offers such a wide range of products AND they offer FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE!! There is seriously something for everyone. Being the girly girl that I am of course i browsed through the beauty and fashion areas of the website. Most of the things i purchased were accessories along with a few false eyelashes. Besides the variety, the other great thing about the website are the amazing prices! The jewelry that i purchased were very reasonably priced. Even though the items are very cute, do keep in my that this is a "you get what you pay for site". The jewelry is not the very best quality but its cute and cheap. I would compare it to the jewelry you might purchase at your local beauty supply store. Not terrible, but don't expect it to last forever. The other day i went to put on the gold dangle earrings with the black stone in the middle and the post broke off on the back.... sooo yeah lol. But then again they were only like 3 bucks. If you haven't watched the video yet, i hope you all enjoy the review!

Thanks so much for stopping by and be sure to check out to see if there is anything that may interest you! -Indy xoxo

Best Hair Straightening Technique!! Detangling & Straightening My Transitioning Hair

So this is how i straightening my hair these days. As most of you all know; it's not very often that I actually straighten my hair, but when i do i prefer for it to be as straight as i can possibly get it. I use my boyfriend old hair brush. The bristles are so densely packed together. It does a great job of grabbing and gripping the hair as i glide the flat iron behind it. I think because it is pulling the hair straight while the flat iron is going over it, my hair gets really nice and straight and i only pass the flat iron over it once. the video basically demonstrates the whole process. And of course i use a heat protectant every time!

Hope this was helpful to some of you that struggle with getting your natural hair really straight! Thanks so much for stopping by...