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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Super Easy Makeup (Beginner and Teen Friendly)

so a friend of mine was watching some of my videos the other day and suggested i do a few beginner friendly tutorials for those ladies that aren't very familiar with the art of applying makeup... of course i told her "sure!!!". When i was thinking about what i wanted to do for this look i knew i wanted to do something using mainly 1 or 2 colors (the rest of the colors i used are optional). Also, because it is "back to school" season, i know some of you ladies want to look extra hot walking the halls so i thought adding a little color would make it look really fun without looking too overdone. i think it is so important for teen girls to look their age and nothing more. i also chose to use the color purple because purple is super flattering on any skin color and eye color. any can pull it off. so enough rambling (i think i do enough of that in the video lol)...
As i mentioned in the video, all of the products are super affordable and easy to find (with the exception of a couple mac products that can easily be replaced). I decided to use really affordable products and brushes because teens and beginners shouldn't go out and invest in different products that they aren't so certain about and wasting their money. also these products even though they are really affordable and drug store brands, they are AMAZING products that i love and wouldn't trade for anything high end.... but anyways, these are the products i used....

Victoria Secret Eyeshadow Primer (around $8), NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk (about $3), 88 matte palette (prices vary around $20), Wet n Wild Walking on Eggshell palette ($3), L'oreal HIP cream liner (about $10), use any mascara of choice, i used Lancome's Hypnose Drama which is pretty pricey, but they are plenty of wonderful drugstore mascaras.

MAC studio finish concealor NW40 (about $20 but they're plenty of great drugstore concealors to substitute this), MAC mineralized skin finish natural Dark (around $25 but can easily be subsitituted with a great drugstore powder depending on your skin type), Sleek blush in Flamingo ($10), Hard Candy Glow all the Way ($8 at Walmart)

Wet n Wild lipstick ($3), Avon Lipgloss ($6)

Elf powder brush ($3), Elf contour brush ($3), Elf eyeshadow brush ($1), Studio Tool Crease Brush ($1.50), Studio Tools Liner brush ($1.50), Elf blush brush ($3).... All of these brushes i purchased at Target.

I really do hope you ladies enjoy this really easy to do look and please let me know if you would like to see more! Thanks so much for stopping by.....
Indy xoxo

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