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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Best Hair Straightening Technique!! Detangling & Straightening My Transitioning Hair

So this is how i straightening my hair these days. As most of you all know; it's not very often that I actually straighten my hair, but when i do i prefer for it to be as straight as i can possibly get it. I use my boyfriend old hair brush. The bristles are so densely packed together. It does a great job of grabbing and gripping the hair as i glide the flat iron behind it. I think because it is pulling the hair straight while the flat iron is going over it, my hair gets really nice and straight and i only pass the flat iron over it once. the video basically demonstrates the whole process. And of course i use a heat protectant every time!

Hope this was helpful to some of you that struggle with getting your natural hair really straight! Thanks so much for stopping by...


  1. Such an intresting great blog! Lot's of inspiration for myself!

    Whould u like to follow each others blog to keep in touch this way?

    Lots of hugs,

  2. thanks so much! just checked out ur blog, it's great!