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Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Top 5 Summer Nail Colors

 If you all have followed my channel for a while then you all know I am pretty serious when it comes to my nails and nail polish. I love to have pretty nails and I find it sooo relaxing whenever I paint my nails. It's so fun! So of course every season I have certain favs, but it's always so hard to narrow down. Here I'm going to share with you all my top 5 nail choices for the season along with a few honorable mentions because of course I really just couldn't choose five!!

1. OPI (Mod About You) 2. WetnWild (Sugar Coat) 3. Essie (Bikini So Teeny) 4. Sally Hansen (Lacey Lilac) 5. WetnWild (I Need A Refresh-Mint)
 1. OPI's Mod About You is hands down my current favorite nail color. It's a beautiful super pale pink shade with no shimmer. It looks super clean and class. 2 coats gets the job done!
2. The past couple years I have obsessed over this color and still do! WetnWild Megalast nail polish in Sugar Coat is the most absolute perfect manicure color. It's a pale pinky milky shade. It gives your nails a sugar coated look lol... I'm so corny. But it really's my fave. Especially for a really awesome pedicure. I can't even count how many compliments I continue to get every time I wear this color. Def check it out if you haven't already!!
3. Essie's Bikini So Teeny is a strange color for me to subscribe. I would say it is similar to a Tiffany blue shade, but not really. It's almost periwinkle... Idk, it's a nice color and I would recommend checking it out! I would say def give this one 2 coats. 
4. I really love the formula of these Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail colors. I own about 5 of them. 1 coat would actually do these colors justice but I'm usually a 2 coat kinda girl, so that's just what I do and it works out wonderfully. This color though... Lacey Lilac, is such a beautiful delicate shade of purple. It's just so pretty and girly. I usually only do pinks on my toes but I have worn this one on my toes a few time and got tons of compliments. If you're into soft pastels, I would say def try this one out. And the price for this polish is so awesome for the quality. I have never seen them priced over $3. 
5. I Need A Refresh-Mint is def my favorite shade of blue. I'm not sure why it's referred to as mint, but it's not much of a minty shade at all if you ask me. It's very pretty though. The WetnWild megalast nail colors are also a favorite formula of mine. The colors are so opaque and 1 coat would be just fine with them all. 

1. Sally Hansen (Coral Reef) 2. Julie G (Oh Em Gee) 3. China Glaze (Something Sweet) 4. China Glaze (Aquadelic) 5. Essie (Splash of Grenadine) 
1. Coral Reef is my favorite coral nail polish that I own. As mentioned before, this particular Sally Hansen formula is really nice! Love Love!
2. Oh Em Gee by Julie G is such a fun hot pink color. I would def recommend 2 coats. The color dries to a matte finish so if you want a nice shiny finish def use a glossy top coat. I also own quite a few of Julie G's nail polishes and I must say they are fab!
3. China Glaze Something Sweet is very comparable to Mod About You. It's just not as pale. I would def recommend 2 coats for this particular color. It's very very pretty for pedis as well!
4. Aquadelic is an awesome color I received my the May Onyx Box. It's a really pretty pastel blue shade. Simple and pretty, but fun because it's blue!
5. This color is a really unique shade of purple. Essie's Splash of Grenadine is fun without being too out there. Purple is always a fun color you can get away with without it looking too "colorful"... you know what I am talking about if you work in a corporate or fairly conservative environment. 

I must also mention that all the colors mentioned are all flat color and contain no shimmer, sheen, or glitter. I prefer flat colors, but that's just my preference. I hope you all enjoyed this post and maybe you can try out some of these fun colors this season. Please let me know down below what are some of your favorite nail colors are for this season. Take care ladies!!
Indy xoxo

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