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Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Very Sexy Christmas : )

Herstyle black shoe
Paris Hilton Platform leopard print heels

this dress i bought last year for a new years ever party that i never went too : (

but anywho.... i decided to style it up this year because i found the perfect shoes to go with them! this dress i bought from Know Style which is a little boutique store and i really cant think of any similar stores like it. most of their selection are party/ club dresses and tops with a little casual wear thrown in here and there. the prices are super reasonable. i think this dress was around just 30 bucks! but this is what i paired it with.... Hope you like!

Dress: Red Party Dress (Know Style)
Shoes: Paris Hilton (Macy's)
Belt: Express
Black shoes: Herstyle (Shoe Land)
Black Tights: George (Walmart)

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