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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Me and Michelle

What I wore:
Black Dress (Express)
Black Tights (Walmart: George)
Blazer (Macy's)
Shoes (Baker's)
Santa and I lol
Aunt Michelle and I!
Me, my mom, and mom's bestie
My beautiful Mother!

hey guys! so i forgot to add this blog in a little while ago, but i was just looking at all the pics from the event and thought i should just go ahead and put it up. i didnt do a getting ready vid or a tut on the makeup. but i'll list all the info below on what im wearing.

So my mom's job had their annual Christmas shindig and i was in attendance as usual. It was fun! Drinks, food, funny ppl, and of course.... SANTA!!! My mom's boss grew out his beard just for this occassion lol. He looked JUST like Santa! it was awesome and the kids were so excited about it. He did the whole sitting on the lap and passing out gifts. All in all everyone had a good time. My mom's best friend showed up too! Hope you guys enjoy the pics!

Did any of you attend some good holiday parties??

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