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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Sitting here watching Basketball Wives and thinking of all the things on my "to do list". First I have to film and upload the tights with open toe shoes video. Since everyone wants me to actually "wear" the shoes and tights lol. But its all good. Anything for my precious subbies!.... But anywho, so many really cool tutorials I want to film that I know u guys will love. I'm so ready to leave winter behind and skip into spring lol. So look forward to seeing a lot of Springy looks coming from me. Besides that I'm going to finish watching this show and cuddle with my babe (love him! Even tho he's sleep and snoring right now lol).... Catch you in my next video ladies! Hope everyone had a FAB weekend!.... Btw, school is starting this week so don't get too mad if the vids slow up a little bit! (Thanks in advance : )
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