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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Black Women??

So I have a lot to get off my chest right now lol. I know this is mainly a beauty blog but I use it to discuss personal issues as well. Any who, moving on. Just came out of my sociology class and we had the most interesting discussion. What it came down to for me was how comfortable am I with being a black woman in this society and how do I feel about how I am portrayed.
For starters growing up I never had an issue with how I looked which is a little strange bcus most children are often judge themselves based on others around them. I was nvr that child. I loved who I was considering that my childhood friends growing up. One was white, one was puerto rican and the other was half white half black. I don't recall ever looking and admiring them saying "I wish I had her hair" or "I wish my skin was lighter". I was a very confident girl, still am. I am very proud to say that bcus I know so many young black women struggle with accepting their appearance. Esp those with darker complexions. The media does not help this one bit. When we look thru magazines, tv, music videos, movies, etc the images we see are of black women with lighter complexions. Most of the women in the black community that are considered "beautiful" are light skin, long curly/wavy/silky hair. Some examples are Beyonce, Halle Berry, Lauren London and the list goes on. In music videos its even worst. Black women are pretty much no existent. All we see are super light skin girls, Asians, whites, or latinas. I often wonder to myself "why don't I ever see anyone that looks like me in these videos?? Am I not pretty enough to be on a yacht sipping champagne??" Lol I'm joking and serious at the same time with that. I really don't care who finds me attractive or not, as long as I can look in the mirror and find satisfaction with what I see, its all good.
Most successful black men often pair themselves with these sort of women and I always wonder why. There are so many arguments I've heard about this and I have a counter argument for each and every one. I'm like why is a black woman not good enough to be on ur arm in the spotlight?
I could go on forever about this but I'm going to stop for now bcus my fingers are hurting. I'll be back soon with a part 2 to this entry. Until then stay beautiful (no matter what color you are)! Embrace who YOU are!
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