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Friday, February 18, 2011

Forever 21 Haul!

me tired after all this hauling! lol

these shoes are sooo bad ass! cant wait to rock them!

video coming soon on how to stretch these puppies out! downside to online shopping: so hard to exchange for the correct size

this sports bra comes in a variety of colors. i think im going to order the others!

Love this dress! so chic and sexy!

so pretty and girly!

its been forever (no pun intended) since i did a clothing haul. i'm really not a big fan of doing hauls in general unless its about that i really love. in this case, i really LOOOOOVE Forever 21! ha ha! its is prob the greatest store on earth. i cant say that there is not one things in that place i wouldnt wear. and the best thing about it is that super afordable!! the newest cutest trendiest clothes and acessories without breaking the bank... i aint mad at that! so here is some stuff that i order from i really like to shop online with them because of where i live. the closest 2 are really far away (like 45 mins to an hour) and most of the time alot of things they carry online i cant ever locate in the store. so i just get it straight from the source! hope you all enjoy the haul and thanks for visiting my page! xox

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