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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Properly washing hair extensions....

1st Pack: Sensationnel Goddess Remi Yaki Straight #1 12inch
2nd Pack: Sensationnel Goddess Remi Yaki Straight #1 10inch
Other Hair: Milky Way Shake n Go #4 14inch
Shampoo: Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo by Organix
Conditioner: Energizing Passionfruit Guava Conditioner
And a comb for detangling!
hola amigas!.... so i'm writing today about how to properly wash extensions because a lot of women seem to have a lot of questions as to how to handle the hair correctly. well... for starters, its really best to use a sulfate free shampoo AND conditioner because they will not strip the hair of any natural oils. The hair that i have is by Sensationnel Goddess and its Remi Yaki Straight in 10 and 12 inches. The color is a 1 because i usually put a jet black rinse in my hair. i usually use Clairol Natural Instincts in Midnight Black. The brown hair that i used a bit of is Milky Way Shake n Go in a 4 and it was 14 inches. it was left over from a weave i had a little earlier in the year. personally im not a fan of Milky Way hair because i feel it tangles, sheds, and the ends get super scraggly really fast... it is priced reasonably... but i just rather pay the extra bucks for the good stuff that will hold up for a while lol. but hey.. thats just me! Anywho... i did a vid demonstration on how i washed the hair. it NEEDED to be washed because it had been in my head for a month. i also really needed to wash my own hair. of course you can wash both your real hair and weave while it is in you head... but thats a whole other process that i will go over when i reach that point again... okay, im done ranting lol.

I hope everyone is having a awesome day!

Bye loves!

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  1. Do you know the difference between the goddess natural yaki and just yaki remi hair. Which one do you use.