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Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Break with my Honey!

hey everyone! so as you all know i went to Destin, Fl for a couple days with my honey bun. we had such a good time. the weather was beautiful and we spent most of our time was so great. i was soooo sad to come back home. i want to go back very sooon! but in the mean time, here are some pics we took. (we didnt take many bcus harold hates taking pictures). so these are the ones i managed to force upon him lol
din din at PF Changs (the waiter told him to smile so he could take another one lol)

on the beach hanging

the weather was so perfect. the water was so greenish blue and the sand was so bright and white!

this bikini from walmart was actually really cute and fit really well!
everyone was so amazed by this guy's talents! how cool is this sand castle!?!

he specifically posed this way for this picture....smh

im a cornball lol

my honey and i (me forcing him to take a picture lol)
i think he makes these crazy faces on purpose to get me to delete bad looking pictures.. ha! (im on to you pal!)
this beach still had residue from the oil spill.... not cool
in the car on our way to destin
hiding as usual! lol
well i hope you all enjoyed this little peak into my life! thanks so much for stopping by!
what are your plans for spring break??

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