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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My New Inglot Eyeshadows!!!

I am so excited about my new Inglot eyeshadows. i ordered them about a week ago and they arrived super quick. i didnt get a palette that was already put together, instead i decided to put together my own freedom palette where i get to choose my own colors. i was a little difficult being that i had to order online between Inglot stores are very far and between. i say it was a little difficult because it is really hard to determine the true color of a product online, its so much easier picking it out in person where i am able to swatch and see the true finish on skin.... buuuuuuutttt, i've heard so many amazing things about Inglot that i just figured i couldnt go wrong with whatever colors i chose so i went for it!! So i ordered the palette that holds 5 shadows.

Each eyeshadow was $5 for 2.7g/0.09oz compared to MAC's $12-$15 eyeshadows which are 1.5g/0.05oz.... INCREDIBLE!!!!! and in my opinion these eyeshadow are waaaaay more pigmented if not as pigmented as the MAC eyeshadows. on top of the amazing price the texture of the shadows are amazing! all of the shadows have a matte finish except for the gold one in the middle; it is a shine finish. they glide on super smooth and blend wonderfully. i did a look using them today and i cant wait to play with them even more!

Inglot does not name their products, instead they number them. i will list the items from left to right:

  • 391 Matte (a very dark matte black)

  • 342 Matte (a very taupy brown color)

  • 06 Shine (a pretty shimmery gold)

  • 386 Matte (a gorgeous vibrant purple)

  • 342 Matte (a deep teal)

these are the colors swatched on my arm. the colors on top were placed over a primer, the ones on the bottom were applied straight to my arm

without primer/base

with a primer/base

have any of you tried Inglots products before??

How did you like it?

Thanks for stopping by xoxo


  1. I haven't tried these but I really want too. The only bad thing is they have been doing price increases lately which irritate me!

  2. Very nice choices, I only have some gel eyeliners and some lip glosses so now i'm going to have to try a palette for myself.

  3. Very nice colors. Inglot is addictive. Be careful. When the store opened in Miami last year, I was so excited to have Inglot so close.

  4. What number is the teal color? because you put 342 but thats the taupe color